Reimbursement Request / Payment Authorization

This form should be used to request a reimbursement of expenses that were personally incurred for a Carmel Dads' Club sport team or a league. It can also used to request a payment to a third party (i.e. league fees or tournament entry fees, etc..). You must complete all four areas of this form (where applicable). Requests should be made at least 5 days prior to when payment is needed. Rec Sports, Travel Sports, and Office expenses cannot be combined on a form. Please provide an adequate description of the expense(s) including: type of expense, name and date of the event (if applicable).
In order for the request to be processed, supporting documentation is required (i.e. copy of an invoice, copies of receipts, tournament information). You may scan and email both the form and supporting documentation or you can mail it or bring it to the office. The request WILL NOT be processed without authorization from either the team's head coach or commissioner of the sport/league.  This authorization can be in the form of an email or a signature on the form.
Note:  If you choose to email the request, to expedite the process, send the request (with the required documentation attached) directly to the HeadCoach or League Commissioner.  Request that they review your request and then forward the email to the office with their approval.  The email should be addressed to both AND
Click on the link below to access the form:
Reimbursement Request / Payment Authorization Form
Please let us know if you have any questions!